Meet the doctors

Meet The Doctors

Dr Cal Andreou
Dr Dinesh Samarasekera

Dr Cal Andreou

Dr. Andreou is a board-certified urologist with over 25 years successfully treating over 80,000 men. He earned his Bachelor of Science and medical degree at the University of Alberta with a year of general surgery training before specializing in urology. He finished his urology training at the University of British Columbia before beginning his practice at Surrey Memorial Hospital in 1997, treating several thousand male patients every year. He has experience in a vast array of urological conditions, helping men and their families enjoy life again.

He is a member of the BC Urologic Association, the Canadian Urologic Association, the American Urologic Association, former head of surgery at Surrey Memorial Hospital and the current head of urology at Surrey Memorial. When he isn’t in the clinic, Dr. Andreou enjoys travelling with his wife and visiting his 3 grown children, distance running, skiing and racking up shots on the golf course.

Dr Dinesh Samarasekera

Dr. Samarasekera is a board-certified urologist at Surrey Memorial Hospital, where he has practiced medicine for over 8 years.

After finishing medical school at the University of British Columbia, he completed a 5 year residency in urology at UBC, VGH and St. Paul’s, followed by a 2-year fellowship in robotic surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. He now practices general urology at Surrey Memorial with a focus in minimally invasive surgery, where is a member of the Medical Advisory Board, and serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor educating medical students, residents and fellows at UBC’s Department of Clinical Sciences.

After hours, Dr. Samarasekera enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 children, golfing and swimming.

Dr Andreou is a top notch professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone. His staff are exceptional, proficient and friendly. All have time for humour, and show compassion in a stressful occupation.

I have been seeing in person and on the phone with Dr Samarasekera, have had great dealings with him for my issues. I have never had any problems with his staff other than my own mistakes, which is no problem of the staff. I would totally recomend him to anyone.

Dr. Dinesh Samarasekera is such a great doctor! Excellent communication and make patient feel in very good care. Not just to feel, he does take priority for patients. God bless him.

Dr. Andreou is the Best of the Best. Full Stop. That should say it all. But his bedside manner is beyond amazing and he has the ability to make you feel like you are the only patient that he has. He is a wonderful surgeon I can not possibly say how much I appreciate this doctor and what he has done for me/us. I have recommended him to several people who are know as pleased as I am in this doctor.

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